Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

Club History

Archdeacon's House, now home to the Ipswich and Suffolk Club painted by Leonard SquirrelThe Ipswich and Suffolk Club was established in 1885 when on Christmas Eve, the very first meeting of the Ipswich and Suffolk Club Company Limited was presided over by its first Chairman, Spencer Dixon.

Then as now, the club was housed in the former home of the Archdeacon of Suffolk, in an ancient building which can be traced back to the 1500s when monks lived the monastic life within its walls.

For one and a quarter centuries the club has survived the rigours of everything form wars and recessions and social change and urban development and now is home to an active membership of almost 500 ladies and gentlemen.

In 1985, former Chairman Harold Page published a book containing the fascinating history of the club’s first 100 years. This was then revisited in 2002 when a further 17 years were added. To read either of these excellent documents please select the appropriate link below.

The First 100 Years (1885-1985)

The Next 17 Years (1985-2002)

History of the Ipswich and Suffolk Club 1885-2010 (published 2013)