Sunday, 28 Nov 2021


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FROM JULY 19th 2021

Following the announcement by UK Gov 06th July 2021, there are a number of significant changes to our COVID19 procedures.

Our service team wear face masks but it is your decision to wear a mask or not as they are no longer mandatory.

We will still have sanitiser stations at each entry door and enhanced deep cleaning.

Snooker players are again responsible for booking their sessions, in the reservation book which is located on the table outside both game rooms. We can still take online/telephone bookings if you wish

The Bar has been fully re-opened for counter drinks service and we will no longer insist on table service.

As was always the case pre-covid, the Clubhouse will close at 8.00 pm, unless we have a function. We will retain the Saturday closure of the Northgate’s. Members will still have pedestrian access to Northgate Street and if you drive towards the gates to exit they will detect your car and open. To gain entry please use your mobile to call the gates.

Most importantly, our security systems are being upgraded. They will now be integrated with our CCTV and automatic car park gates. Remote controlled "Smart" dead locks and alarm system are being installed. This system has been risk assessed, and a clearly marked exit route from the building is being installed in the event of a member in the building after 8.00 pm (excluding events).