Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

Already progress was apparent. October 2000 minutes record a noticeable increase in diners and their visitors. A membership target of 400 was promoted, by early 2001 the net membership figure was 402 and it was felt that a new target of 430 could be achieved without distress to current members. In September 2001, membership reached an all time high and it was noticed that the average age of members was beginning to drop - whilst several 90th birthday celebrations held at the Club, the average age is decreasing and our youngest members are in their 20's. With the possible exception of the car park, all other facilities could easily cope.

So many social changes had taken place over the past years that we had to change. No longer was it the practice for professional men to take drinks in the bar after office hours and when the children were safely put to bed, go home for dinner at 8pm. Many modem professional couples both have their own occupations and the family duties shared.

A magnificent gateway frames the entrance to the Ipswich and Suffolk ClubThe Bar has also had to accept change. Not only do drivers have to respect the drink drive laws but young men are more health conscious and prefer a visit to the gym rather than sail home awash with Adnams Ale.

In fact on some occasions it is cheaper to have an Honesty Bar - a help yourself arrangement - than to pay bar staff. Nevertheless, it is good to see the bar alive, especially at lunch times when visitors gather for drinks before the midday meal.

A quarterly Newsletter is sent to all members giving current news and a complete calendar of events for the coming year. In addition, a most attractive brochure encourages not only members and their friends but outside organisations to hire rooms for meetings and share our Chefs delights. Annual events now include a Normandy Dinner, a Trafalgar Dinner and new themed dinners are constantly introduced. In 2001, as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of a dinner given in December 1901, a menu with a distinct military flavour was re-enacted. The original menu is framed and hangs on the wall of the bar.