Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

Her services have not been lost to the Club. She has now taken on administrative responsibility for accounts and Payroll, reporting to the Finance Director, Keith Ferguson, and working part-time from home.

Her successor was Veronica Gilmour, a lady with a background in Travel and Tourism, appointed to continue the Membership Drive, further promote the Club's dining and social facilities and undertake the Club's secretarial and administrative duties. One year on, in March 2001, and with the membership steadily increasing, Veronica was asked to increase her hours and her brief now includes the development of meeting rooms.

With the desire for more openness about the Club and its activities, Victoria Hawkins, wife of our member Richard Hawkins who now occupies offices on the first floor, was approached to prepare a feature in the newly created 'Suffolk Magazine'. It was headed 'Quiet Please - Boardroom Revolution in Progress' . The feature was very well written and prepared. Pictures featured current Directors, our Chef, the Secretary & Marketing Manager together with members activities and of course views of our magnificent Archdeacon' s House.

On Heritage Days, the Club building was part of a Town Walk. Conducted tours were given not only to show the visitors the building and talk of its' history but to inform possible new members of our facilities and activities - which by the way included three Wedding Receptions in 2001, including one for our Chef, Denis, who has recently occupied the 1st floor flat with his family - a move which has helped increase the security of the Club.

No longer was there an atmosphere of almost Masonic secrecy about what goes on in the big building behind the high wall in Northgate Street and brass plaques were placed on the Grade I listed Northgate wall.