Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

An illustration of how Pykenham's Gate may have looked in former yearsNevertheless, by April '96 the Club's slight downturn in finances were noted and it was obvious that this slight trend could gain dangerous momentum. It was felt that one of our best paying tenants might not renew their lease. It might not be possible to rent the accommodation at a similar figure. It could even be difficult to find a suitable tenant even at a lower figure. So, things really had to change.

The introduction of lady members would help, but as already stated it would not be the panacea. In 2000, a loss of some £15,000 was shown and almost £29,000 deficit was forecast for the following year.

A membership drive - something which had never even been whispered before - was now tackled by a newly formed Membership Committee formed from the Board of Directors.

Over the years we have had many Club Secretaries. One depicted in the cartoon pictures, nicknamed Scrooge who frequently appeared wearing knee breeches. One who disappeared without saying goodbye. Another was a retired Inspector of Taxes, a retired Squadron leader, one more a schoolmaster. But never before had we had one who applied for maternity leave. Yes even helicopter pilots can become pregnant!

Of course leave was granted and I am pleased to report that Jennifer and her husband now have two lively children, Kate and Anna.