Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

New signs but the club remains steeped in traditionWe wanted the reputation for catering to be so good that non members were urging their member friends to bring them along to the Club for really good food and wine.

In May 1997, the Directors 'took the plunge' and appointed professional chef Denis Groualle with experience and hitherto with the Angel Hotel at Bury St Edmunds.

Further details.

Early in 1998 membership 2000 committee was formed. Keith Ferguson, David Pinner and Basil Tenwick were appointed not only to encourage increased membership, but to seek it out in a discreet manner. Also in November 1998, it was felt that 'the Club needs to be actively marketed within the business and professional communities. No longer should a colonial Club atmosphere be allowed to prevail' .

To this end, a part-time Club Secretary Manager was to be appointed, not only to keep the records but to actively promote the activities.

At Christmastide in 1998, exactly 113 years after the founding of the Ipswich & Suffolk Club Co Ltd, a young lady, Captain Jennifer Firth was appointed. Jenny was an ex helicopter pilot in HM Army. If ever we needed somebody to give us a good 'vertical take off' it was now. And she was in the pilot's seat.

One Director is quoted as saying: 'We now have the resources for controlled changes. Do we have the desire?' .

In December '95, the minutes recorded 'It was not felt appropriate to adopt a more commercial attitude to the Club'. However things were changing.