Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

In Apri11996, the Directors met with Dr Michael Knight in the chair. I quote from the minutes. I had resigned from the Board on my 70th birthday in 1993, so I have no personal memories.

A lengthy discussion was held on the Club's finances and the way forward in view of the loss of sub-tenants Rental Income. Chris Cocksedge said that he intended to make a formal proposition at the next meeting to admit lady members. It was generally agreed that lady members were not to be the panacea to the Club' s financial problems but that the Club should move forward and also pursue other possible plans for reorganisation.

Things were beginning to happen in a big way - perhaps even bigger than ever before.

A copy of an original menu from the Ipswich and Suffolk ClubFirst to see a noticeable change was the catering. I joined the Club in 1968 and during those years we have had an interesting selection of caterers. One formidable matriarch who ruled us with a rod of iron. She fed us all well, and her particular friends very well!! Dover Soles and steaks served frequently cost more when purchased than the total cost of the meal. On one occasion I arrived for lunch at about 1.10pm. I was told in no uncertain terms that 'lunch was served at one o'clock'.

We had other ladies who served us with meals just as mother used to serve. Others who provided what some members described as good boarding school fayre and I likened the meals as being very similar to those served in the Sergeant's Mess during the war. One young lady whose catering was more adventurous than anyone before was a trifle temperamental. She 'upped and went' in the middle of the morning leaving the members with a make-do lunch when the newly appointed House Chairman asked for a little more detail in the column headed 'Petty Cash Expenses' .

Never before had we had catering which made you feel that you simply must bring your family and friends in to enjoy the fayre. Some outside meetings of the 41 Club and Rotary had been arranged but the menus were never really sensational.