Saturday, 05 Dec 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

The flagpole at the Ipswich and Suffolk Club which can often be seen flying the flag of Saint Edmund - the county flag of SuffolkIt is naturally understandable that in the past some Directors (and members) have not been keen to abandon the decorum and atmosphere built up over the past 110 years. Suffice to say that all our Directors work tirelessly for the continuation of the business of the Ipswich & Suffolk Club.

Granville Haskell, a jeweller and Lt Col of the Suffolk Yeomanry retired as a Director after 20 years service on 'the Board'. Minutes record his parting message 'I hope I will be succeeded by someone with a business brain!' .

Another Director was mildly rebuked by the Chairman of the day for suggesting that new Directors should be chosen to fill gaps in the administration - not merely nice types who wouldn't rock the board too much'.

Today's Directors are all business and professional members whose particular skills and experience are needed to successfully direct the Club in the 21 st Century.

One Director who has been responsible for giving us financial advice over this challenging period is Keith Ferguson. He has installed budgetry control and management figures which enable all the Board to have accurate measurement of our performance and predict our path for the future. Even more importantly, he has been able to persuade his fellow Directors to back his new plans.