Friday, 23 Oct 2020

The Next 17 years - 1985 - 2002

I would like you to imagine a fictitious member in 1985 being sent on an assignment abroad and returning to reclaim his membership seventeen years later in 2002.

He (it had to be a 'he' in 1985) arrived, parked his car in the rear car park just where the Centenary celebration had been held, walked around to the front door to see what changes had taken place during his absence.

From the outside, the fabric of the majestic building was still immaculately cared for, as it had been for the preceding 20 years, though the colour had changed - the outside walls were now Salmon Pink.

Pykenham Gatehouse in IpswichThe Pykenham Gatehouse, restored by the Ipswich Building Preservation Trust in 1983, was still well cared for with thin white overwash which seems to be the latest custom with timber framed buildings - contemporary buildings in Lavenham and Hadleigh have received the same treatment.

The front door, no longer unlocked for all to freely enter, but protected by a coded lock. Not knowing the secret number, he rang the bell. The door was quickly opened by a lady with a smiling face. Thank goodness, somebody he remembered, Sheila Studd. Not only did she greet him with a smile but she remembered him! Just as well she did because she is the only member of our staff who was with us when he went abroad in 1985.