Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

The other great turning points in the sixties have already been recorded. Our gratitude must again go to the Directors of the day who siezed the opportunities open to them. In addition I mention two people who played a great part in the negotiations with the Borough authorities and the landlords. Firstly Geoffrey Barnard, Solicitor, and R. H. Willett, a Chartered Surveyor. GT.B. is with us almost daily. Sadly Ronnie collapsed whilst having a customary leg pulling and laughing lunch in the Snug. He did not regain consciousness and died the following day. A very good friend to me and many of you - greatly missed.

In commencing this light hearted look at ourselves over 100 years I wondered what there was to say. A much greater difficulty has confronted me. What to leave out! Perhaps one day someone will have the time and inclination to delve a little more deeply. Until then The Ipswich Suffolk Club Company Ltd. sails on. A little like the regal swan. Head held high, a slight touch of superiority perhaps, underneath the legs paddle quite hard causing hardly a ripple on the surface. Sometimes a little mud is stirred, but it soon settles!

Thank you. H.P.