Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

Stanley Pierson offered to donate a third table to be erected in the Adam Room.

Space would have dictated the use of short cues so the gift was declined. His widow did, at a later date, present the gaming table at present in the Adam Room. Snooker, billiards, volunteer and at the old County Club a game called "Slosh" (pink in any pocket and the rest in allocated pockets) have been played.

In two world wars visiting officers have joined in. Still the coloured balls attract the greatest attendances. The place always "buzzes" on snooker evenings.

A Handicap Committee of six was formed originally in 1926 and still hands down its frequently disputed decisions.

In 1927 a member complained that no waiter was available to mark his game.

Today it's a D.I.Y. procedure. Reciprocal games with RAF Martlesham Heath, Colchester and Cambridge Clubs are recorded. Todays annual competition with the Bury Farmers Club, followed by a good meal is a regular entry on the calendar.

Annual trophies include the Norman Baynes Cup for Billiards presented by N. Baynes, the Snooker Open Competition and the Handicap Competition. The Barnard Tankard and "Rabbits" pot for golf also the Rose Bowl originally a Bowls Cup.

The Handicap Competition is preceded by a supper and an auction. Each member is given a handicap and the auctioneer, one Dick Cooper, invites bids from other members to buy whoever they wish and a large amount of money is raised. All members are allowed 1/4 of a share free and can buy another quarter themselves.