Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

Edwin Fraser - outstanding wit and friend of Stanley Ward - Solicitor.

Kenneth Fraser, brother of Edwin - lived mostly in India hence he and his brother known as Fraser's Home & Colonial. Dr. Mervyn Gonin - first doctor into Belsen.

Harry Gotelee - Solicitor, a charming man, father of Allan Gotelee - brilliant naval career, double D.S.C. Good friend if accused of drinking and driving (pre-Barbara Castle). Tony Grimwood auctioneer, George Horsfield - Colonel of the local 'gunners". Lennie Marchant, had a cocktail named after him! Rev Harry Graham later Archdeacon of Ripon. His tragic end shocked every member. Dr. Stanley.

Hoyland, Police surgeon. His colourful language caused a gentleman of the cloth to dub him "an apostle of the purity of the English language". Hugh Haskell jeweller son of James, also a jeweller.

Third generation Granville Haskell, an unfortunate Japanese P.O.W., aptly described by Leslie Harrison as a manwith a tough exterior but a heart of gold (appropriate!). Colonel Harold R. Hooper (HRH to his friends), a colourful character, commanded the 4th Suffolks, a deputy Lieutenant of Suffolk, did great service to the Club. Always spoke at dinners. Frequently brought the house down (an unfortunate epitaph for an Architect!). When in the Surgical Home he had to be fed through the tail. Having lost his dignity but not his sense of humour, invited the Matron to join him for afternoon tea. Bob Lawler - ail Irish talker, Colonel in the Home Guard, high ranking railway employee - hence called the Porter. Moses Making who rode home to Elton Park somewhat erratically on his bicycle. Wallace Manthorpe, one time President of the Carmen Guild in the City of London, a Club Director - a great chap! Clifford Pipe, a great strapping charmer, partner to Bill Nash (whose son is now a member). Jack Ridley (F. H.), Chairman responsible for the coats of arms in the bar. Frank Mason, another Ipswich trader who served the Club and town. His son Geoffrey Mason and Vice Admiral Sir Frank Mason KCB, also members. Reginald Meneer and his son Kenneth, both solicitors from the autocratic school. Bill Roberts - of the Mazawattee Tea Company and known as Mazawattee Roberts, a great sport, played tennis well into his 80's. Tony Turnbull from Australia resented any references to Botany Bay. Ran the Ancient House whilst Leslie and his brother were away during the war. Stanley Ward - the "Judge", a solicitor with a wicked sense of fun. Reggie Ward, his brother, a wizard of the "one armed bandit". The takings fell dramatically after he died.

Leslie's description of himself I dare not print save that he pleads guilty to the accusation of, flamboyant". He dined as a guest of the Directors a year or so ago. After a very good meal, well washed down, we shoe homed him into a taxi to be taken home. He survived!