Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

Some clubs have lady members with success and others have been very half hearted. If dual membership ever comes I hope there will be equality. Nothing could be more stupid or rude than the system which operates in some clubs where they have a separate entrance for lady members, and grant them limited facilities.

One day a lady parked her car in the car park beJore the permitted time. She was politely approached by a member. The lady replied' 'But, I am one of the Directors wives". "Madam, even if you are the only wife of a Director you may only park after 2.30 p.m."

On another occasion a lady and gentleman came into the Dining Room and sat down at one of the laid tables. The staff were not quite sure what to do so they served them soup and telephoned for a Director. The couple were quite convinced they were in The Great White Horse Hotel and left after a free bowl of soup for their original destination directed by the intrepid House Chairman.

Characters and Tales Told

We are obliged to one of the greatest contemporary characters for giving us a lasting record of some of the Gubs personalities in the form of caricatures to be found framed in the bar.

I refer of course to Leslie Harrison. He is our member of longest standing if that's the right expression. Leslie joined in 1928 as a junior member, a new classification to encourage young men to join at a reduced fee of 3 gns per annum. He still visits us arriving with full ceremony in a large yellow and black Bentley.

In addition to giving me a very detailed account of club life in the 1930's he has described some of the members. At the risk of libel action I will quote some of them.

Eric Manby, usually wore plus fours, a heart of gold but a son of the soil! Percy Gover, a grand Edwardian gentleman who played serious bridge with Harold Sadd (Seed Merchant), George Horsfield, Norton-Fagge and Jim Crewes - a Cornishman with an enigmatic smile except on Oct. 1 when subs were due.

Horace Crewes for some reason always called Crewes or Scrooger because he was the secretary. This 'surname only' address was usually reserved for' 'those in trade" although "Crewes" was a retired Bank Manager. Trevor Davies - a miniature Welsh gentlemen, a good shot and an early motorist. Garfield Goult, the Clubs accountant for many years. Robert Hamilton Bobbie Bremner, as depicted in his cartoon, a dapper Scot, the only person to have three sittings for his caricature. Major R. Barnes who always won the pre war pineapple weight guessing competition. Result always "fixed" to persuade him to buy an expensive celebration round. Norman Barnes - a resident always enjoyed life!