Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

In 1967 Hugh Green, the last resident, left the Club although he had provided his own catering. A bedroom remained available for overnight use by members, this facility was not much used and ceased when the flat was enlarged for a resident secretary, Sqdn. Ldr. Geoffrey Utting.

References to the motor car have been frequent over the years. As far back as 1920 was it requested that chocks should be provided for "motors" when parked, ever since more and more space has been allocated to parking. In 1971 the last piece of garden was to be added to the car park.

In the middle of the garden was a pretty sapling magnolia. It was agreed that we should prune and preserve the tree. A simple aesthetic act which caught the attention of the Planners. The ensuing correspondence between Geoffrey Barnard, at his letter writing best, and the Beaurocrats caused much amusement. As Chairman of House 1 was amused to see gathered around this sapling, two representatives form the Parks Department, two Council officials plus the Chairman, who by this time surely wished the damn thing had been pulled out. The Planners wished to prevent us paving the area in this vicinity which would have seriously reduced the l.ldditional parking area. At the same time in the garden of the Education Department nearby they were doing exactly that. We won! Today it has. developed into a well shaped tree. Its impressive tulip blooms are short lived but beautiful making their last claims to the "garden".

The 1970's saw a time of expansion in the Clubs activities. Every Directors meeting seemed to produce an interesting list of new members.

The addition of new members has always been a matter of great concern. On the one hand to encourage modest expansion to maintain income, but never to risk the appointment of applicants who might enter the Club for commercial reasons or jeopardise the good record of the Club. The system can sometimes appear a little slow but it works. Very seldom has a wrong appointment been made. Firstly the suggested name is put before the Directors, a proposer and seconder is required and if the Directors approve the application, the Nominations Form is posted on the notice board for the approval of all members, who have a right to "black ball" if they so desire.