Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

The First 100 Years - 1885 - 1985

A fair continuity of records exist in the form of Minute Books, Suggestion Books, even more helpful, and the memories of some of todays members who have been regular supporters for over 50 years. In general, Secretaries carefully planning the Minutes of meetings have "played their cards close to the chest". Tactfully recording difficult events to comply with the Articles, but careful to give practically no information to subsequent (or perhaps contemporary) readers. On one occasion, reading between the lines, I gather the Directors faced all too frequent hazards of running a catering establishment. The barman had become a little confused about his rights to sample the drinks on offer, and the caterer had entertained friends more lavishly than members. The Minutes record' 'The matters of the bar and catering were dealt with and resolved". Perhaps, in this respect, we haven't changed too much!

My very good friend Jim Roberts, a member of the Club since 1933 and a director for many of those years, at his final Directors meeting before he retired suggested that I should write a History of the Club. I must have been either asleep or inebriated at the time. I agreed, and with your indulgence perhaps you will read on for the next few pages. It will become increasingly obvious that writing is not my profession but I hope you will be amused and perhaps amazed by what the records reveal.

The Directors 1985

Dr. J. P. Hughes - CHAIRMAN

Dr. J. D. Bright - C. E. Cocksedge - R. M. Cooper - G. J. Haskell

R. T. Hedley - H. W. Page - M. R. Taylor - M. H. Vinden - D. J. Wass

In 1885 each director received an annual remuneration of fifty pounds. Today their services are unpaid but acknowledged by an Annual Directors Dinner given them by the members.